This course focuses on the geological and evolutionary processes that have shaped our planet and life on it over the last 550 million years, the long, fossil-rich period known as the Phanerozoic. Using Indiana as the focus, you will learn about the evolutionary history of major groups of animals and plants, the origins of life on land, the growth of the North American continent, changes to the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, and the interactions among life, climate, sediments, and geological structures.


Information about the crinoid Elegantocrinus hemisphericus, the Elegant Sea-lily

Elegantocrinus hemisphaericus

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Friday, April 26th, 13:25 - 02:15 PM, GY 447

The pattern of glacial-interglacial cycles; Oxygen isotope proxies for climate; Regional differences in paleoenvironmental change; Late Quaternary extinction and the role of humans; Current changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature; Comparison with past; Certainties and uncertainties from a geological and paleontological perspective.

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Indiana Fossils

Paleosauropus footprints

Footprints of an ancient tetrapod (Paleosauropus) from the Mississippian Tar Springs Formation at Crane Naval Center, Indiana. Cast of prints described by Colbert and Schaeffer (1947).

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Technical terms


a named group of organisms. A taxon can be a species, a genus, an order, a phylum, or any other level of group.

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Hoosier paleontologists

Jesse James Galloway

Galloway was a Hoosier paleontologist educated at Indiana University and is noted for having received the first PhD in Geology awarded there in 1913. Galloway studied with E.R. Cumings, first on the Indiana Ordovician sections of the Cincinnati Arch, notably the section exposed in the railway cutting at Tanners Creek, and later on atrata from the rest of the state. Galloway was a pioneer in stratigraphic and industrial applications of micropaleontology and taught the first courses in micropaleontology and petroleum geology at IU.

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Hoosier Paleontologists

Technical Terms


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