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Labs and Field Trips

Indiana Topography and Maps

Friday, January 11th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Learn to read a US topographic map; understand the township and range system; understand how to find latitude and longitude on a topo map; consider the topography and elevation of transects in Indiana. [Topographic Map Handout here]

Geological Time and Fossil Samples

Friday, January 18th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Learn to distinguish chronostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic charts; understand basic components of lithostratigraphy; estimate the thickness and rate of deposition for Paleozoic Periods in Indiana based on charts; choose a paleontological sample for lab projects.
Handouts: [Regional Stratigraphy and Petroleum Systems of the Illinois Basin] [Generalized Stratigraphic Column for Paleozoic Rocks of Indiana] [International Timescale]

Bedrock Geology of Indiana

Friday, January 25th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Use IndianaMap to find bedrock geology information for particular locations; summarize information from samples from IU Paleontology Collection; use IndianaMap to find topographic and geological information about the samples.

Identifying Phyla

Friday, February 1st, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Identify your fossil samples. Learn the seven common phyla of the Paleozoic.

No Meeting

Friday, February 8th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, None

Bryozoans and Corals

Friday, February 15th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

To learn major features of corals and bryozoans; to learn the following coral structural terminology: solitary, colonial, septa, tabulae; to learn the following bryozoan structural terminology: zooid, zooecium, zooarium, autopore, fenestrate, ramose, massive, monticule, maculum; to become familiar with select Indiana corals and bryozoans.

Trilobites and Brachiopods

Friday, February 22nd, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Learn morphological features of brachiopods and trilobites; learn distinguishing characteristics of trilobites; learn orders of brachiopods.


Friday, March 1st, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Learn diversity of echinodermata; higher classification of Crinoidea; distinguishing features of crinoid orders.


Friday, March 8th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Review for Midterm II

Spring Break

Friday, March 15th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, None

Sharks, Fish, Tetrapods, and Plants

Friday, March 22nd, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Diversity and phylogeny of Paleozoic plants; diversity and phylogeny of Paleozoic vertebrates; fossil identification.

Tunnel Mill and Waldron Shale

Friday, March 29th, 13:25 - 04:25 PM, Vernon, Indiana

Visit to Silurian strata at Tunnel Mill, Vernon, Indiana; physiographic regions - Mitchell Plateau, Norman Upland, Scottsburg Lowland, and Muscatatuck Plateau; Silurian stratigraphy of Indiana; Documenting locality information.

Projects and Crossroads Conference

Friday, April 5th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Attend the afternoon IU Crossroads Geology Conference sessions and report on one of the paleontology presentations; Catch up with your fossil projects.

Allen's Creek, Lake Monroe

Friday, April 12th, 13:25 - 04:25 PM, Monroe County, Indiana

Field trip to Allen's Creek, Edwardsville Fm., Borden Group; crinoids; Borden and Sanders Group stratigraphy.

Quaternary Taxa

Friday, April 19th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

Project Presentations

Friday, April 26th, 14:30 - 04:25 PM, GY 518

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